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Drinking Water Fountains is a South Africa based website supplying drinking water fountains across South Africa and beyond. 

Our company was established in January 2003 and we have been running in the UK and USA since 2008. Drinking Water Fountains are suppliers of all the major brands of drinking fountains across the world. We established our base in South Africa in Jan 2012.  

Our drinking water fountain product range responds to the growing demand for drinking water fountains in a wide range of work and recreational environments. Our objective is to provide customers with advice on suitable solutions and detailed information on the wide variety of drinking fountain options available.

Our range of drinking water fountains offers alternatives for both indoor and outdoor locations, from floor standing drinking fountains through to wall mounted sinks and through to cutting edge water bottle filling stations. Our experts are available on the end of the phone to find the most suitable solution to your hydration need.

We are part of the Drinking Waters group of companies – supplying customers across Southern Africa with a great range of drinking water solutions from water filters, water coolers and specialist water products.

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Water Filters For Your Drinking Water Fountains

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