bottled water vs drinking water fountains

Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles vs Drinking Water Fountains

Water is a daily necessity needed by anything that lives and breathes on this earth. This has been the case for many centuries. Time and knowledge has seen methods of getting the best out of our water evolve and improve. The history of drinking water fountains dates back to the time of the ancient Greek […]

Cutting Back on Water Usage

Many places in South Africa are still suffering water shortages. Here’s how you can do your part to help reduce your overall water consumption. With Cape Town recently coming out of a drought, (thanks to the winter rains that brought much needed relief!) and more areas still struggling with droughts worldwide, conserving water is more […]

Drinking Water Fountain Troubleshooting

Drinking Water Fountains offers quality drinking water fountains to a variety of environments in need of a long-term hydration solutions. We offer one of the widest selections of drinking fountains to customers within South Africa and beyond. When you purchase a water unit from DWF, depending on your location, you are entitled to many of […]

How Safe Are Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains?

We all know that drinking water is essential for cells and organs of the body to function properly. When you are out in the park on a hot summer’s day, a public drinking water fountain can be an oasis – a place where you and the kids can get re-hydrated without spending out several bucks […]

Your Business Will Benefit Greatly From An Office Water Cooler

Having a pleasant environment and keeping your employees happy affects the work they do and so also benefits your company. There are numerous benefits to having a water cooler in your office. One of the advantages of an office water cooler is that it is a great place for many employees to blow off some […]

Top 3 Floor Standing Drinking Water Fountains

The drinking water fountains are a great way to bring nature indoors with a soothing water noise and beautiful natural surface. The Classic Drinking Water Fountain The Classic Drinking Water Fountain is a recommended choice for a warehouse, office or any environment. Designed with bubbler and gooseneck taps including a 2-stage inline filtration system, this […]

The Benefits of Installing Plumbed-In Bottleless Water Coolers

Water coolers contribute to a healthy workplace with minimal impact on the environment. Fresh, clean water is essential to life. There’s nothing more refreshing than a glass of water on a hot day. Most businesses understand how important it is to have clean, filtered water in the workplace. There are so many reasons for you […]

Drink more water during summer

Your Body Needs Water to Deal With Heat Your body functions best within a certain temperature range, and when you get too warm, it needs to cool off. There are a few ways your body achieves that much-needed cooldown! It kicks off with your blood vessels dilating to increase the flow of blood to your […]

Drinking Water Fountain in Schools

Giving kids a high quality of water will keep them healthy and hydrated. Water is one of the most natural healthy beverages that children can drink. Providing children with easy to clean drinking water is as important as proving quality food during the day. In most schools, the main provision for drinking water is from […]

Here’s what water does for your body

Only oxygen is more important for the body than good old H2O. Consider that the average adult body is made up of 60% water, while our blood is 90% water. It is vital to keep hydrated in order to ensure proper bodily functions. Here are the main reasons to be hydrating: 1.It cushions sensitive tissue […]