Elkay Water fountains

Drinking water fountains supplied and distributed by Elkay are some of the most superior water dispensers available on the market. The USA based company manufactures water fountains to withstand the toughest environments. Elkay is also one of the oldest established drinking water fountain manufacturers in the world.elkay_floor_standing_drinking_water_fountain

Elkay Floor Standing Drinking Fountains

These floor standing models are a favourite for numerous environments including offices, education facilities and leisure sectors.


To avoid contact accidents these drinking water fountains come with a Flexi-Guard® Safety Bubbler and a Cascade basin. Their universal design provides easy connection to conventional electrical and plumbing fitting. It uses a non-CFC refrigerant to ensure environmental friendliness and has easily removable front panels for effortless maintenance.


  • Water supply 15 mm
  • Water waste 32 mm to fit SA waste options
  • Electrical supply 220v, 50 Hz single phase, uses 13 amp fuse
  • One piece satin finish stainless steel cascade basin
  • Colour: Granite vinyl (standard) or Stainless Steel (extra cost)

Additional Options:

Your Elkay drinking fountain can come with a glass filter, an internally mounted filter or a Flexi-Guard® Anti-Microbial Bubbler for increased hygiene.

Elkay Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains


Our wall mounted drinking water fountain range is ideal for public service environments as well as schools. This water fountain is mounted at varying heights on a wall to provide easy drinking accessibility.

The fountain itself has a fairly deep basin and features easy touch control which operates the start and stop of the water dispenser. This fountain has the capacity to produce up to 29 litres of chilled drinking water per hour. Its specifications meet all of the requirements laid out by the Disability Discrimination Act.

Additional Options

The Elkay range of drinking water fountains come with additional options including a stainless steel body, a mountable goose neck glass filler or water filter.

Elkay drinking water fountains are available for purchase as well as rental. Drinking Water Fountains also stock an extensive range of spares for Elkay fountains. We provide installations across the South Africa where required. Please make use of the contact form if you wish to make an enquiry or call us on 021 813 6631.