Drinking Water Fountains

bottled water vs drinking water fountains

Single-Use Plastic Water Bottles vs Drinking Water Fountains

Water is a daily necessity needed by anything that lives and breathes on this earth. This has been the case for many centuries. Time and knowledge has seen methods of getting the best out of our water evolve and improve. The history of drinking water fountains dates back to the time of the ancient Greek […]

How to Install a Water Filter

At Drinking Water Fountains, we provide effective and efficient services to our customers. We ultimately aim to become the leading hydration solutions provider on the African continent. We firmly believe in providing our valued customers with sound advice when it comes to hydration and details regarding the best possible water filters for the job. Most […]

Water Filters For Your Drinking Water Fountains

Drinking Water Fountains is dedicated to providing and sourcing high-quality water filters to our customers across South Africa. We understand the importance of having clean and filtered water both in the home and workplace. We stock a wide range of products to suit all of our customers’ needs. Our range of water filters are designed to […]

5 Benefits of Drinking Water Fountains

At Drinking Waters Fountains, we pride ourselves on providing customers with quality hydration solutions and exceptional service delivery. We are South Africa’s leading water cooler and drinking water fountain specialists. To ensure that your long-term hydration needs are effectively taken care of, we offer a wide range of drinking water fountains that are suitable for […]

Classic Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain launched in the South African Market

Drinking Water Fountains is pleased to announce the launch of our Classic Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain into the South African Market. The classic wall-mounted drinking water fountains are ideal for use in schools and colleges as well as in areas where outdoor recreational activities take place. They are hygienic, robust and easily installed at […]

Launching Drinking Water Fountains South Africa for Business

We are pleased to officially launch the drinking water fountains in South Africa today. After over a years worth of work on developing our product ranges for Africa we are now confident that we have a range of products that will significantly add to the provision of drinking water solutions across Southern Africa. We are […]