Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

Exterior Drinking Fountain Constantia

Exterior Drinking Fountains on the Alphen Trail

Drinking Waters Africa have done a lot of work in documenting installations of exterior drinking fountains across Cape Town. Often provided by charity groups and benefactors, there are numerous examples of exterior drinking fountains in public areas in certain areas of the Western Cape. This drinking fountain was found on the Alphen Trail in Constantia, […]

External Drinking Fountains Installation – DWF1/DWF2

Our wall mounted fountain range has two products which we see as especially suited to school environments. They are cost-effective, relatively easy to install and can be positioned at any height – giving access to drinking water to young children as well as more mature students on say a college campus. Our full range of […]

Classic Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain launched in the South African Market

Drinking Water Fountains is pleased to announce the launch of our Classic Wall Mounted Drinking Water Fountain into the South African Market. The classic wall-mounted drinking water fountains are ideal for use in schools and colleges as well as in areas where outdoor recreational activities take place. They are hygienic, robust and easily installed at […]

Kirstenbosch Gardens Fountains

One of our staff were out this weekend in Cape Town and went to visit the Kirstenbosch Gardens. He came back with some stunning shots of a series of water fountains that are spread across the park and installed very simply and effectively. The detail on the soak-away is shown in the photos and works […]

Concrete Fountains Spotted at Royal Cape

Really nothing special in the design of these outdoor fountains at the Royal Cape Golf Course in Cape Town The fountains seen were mainly memorial fountains which had been installed many years ago and could benefit greatly from a little bit of love and maybe some new bubbler systems rather than simply a tap. Our […]

Perranporth Memorial Water Fountain

We recently helped a client¬†who was in need of all the parts for a drinking water fountain so that they could have a stonemason craft their own casing for the parts, making a unique fountain. The Perranporth Golf Club came to us after one of the clubs long standing members had sadly passed away. ¬†After […]