Kirstenbosch Gardens Fountains

One of our staff were out this weekend in Cape Town and went to visit the Kirstenbosch Gardens. He came back with some stunning shots of a series of water fountains that are spread across the park and installed very simply and effectively.

The detail on the soak-away is shown in the photos and works as a remarkably effective drain running simply into the ground. The fountains themselves could do with a quick clean to clear up the build-up of Algae but these have to be some of the more stunning photos of fountain installations.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is the founder of Drinking Waters UK which is the UK's only supplier of complete Drinking Water Systems such as water coolers, water fountains, remote chillers and water filters. He is also the founder of Drinking Waters South Africa

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  1. Andrew Mark Andrew Mark says:

    Hi-I am researching different types of outdoor water fountains that are available. We want to replace the existing tap-system in our school playground. I have seen one at a school that has four press button taps from which to drink. As we are a primary school we need to be cognizent of the height/size of the little grade 1s being able to reach the taps. Any advice, product offerings and pricing would be most helpful.
    kind regards

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