Outdoor Drinking Water Fountains

Outdoor drinking water fountains are increasingly common across parks, sports facilities and public places in Southern Africa – as authorities become increasingly aware of the benefits of providing drinking water facilities.

Drinking fountains are an asset to any environment in need of a robust water machine. They provide drinking water to demanding areas without the use of electricity (non-refrigerated models) and can handle harsh conditions.

    We offer a range of outdoor drinking water fountains from wall mounted, to classic pedestal fountains through to the very sophisticated range of internationally manufactured external fountains. Outdoor drinking water fountains for schools has become and extremely popular and we are able to customise the height of our water dispensers for children.

    Did not find the external drinking fountain for your environment or need additional advice on which water dispenser would be better? Give one of our friendly experts a call on 021 813 6631 or fill in one of our contact forms and we will call you back.