Recessed Water Fountains at Newlands Cricket Ground

There are not many examples of modern recessed fountains in operation in Cape Town – and potentially across South Africa. Many seem to have been installed as part of large building works many years ago such as the ones at the stunning Newlands Cricket Grounds.

Not many public places in South Africa give access to drinking water and this has led to a widespread use of small pack water – with the obvious environmental impact. Strangely at the cricket we saw the first example of a recessed fountain serving the public in an area where drinks and food are purchased.

A nice-but-aged example of a recessed unit with a remote chiller attached to it.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is the founder of Drinking Waters UK which is the UK's only supplier of complete Drinking Water Systems such as water coolers, water fountains, remote chillers and water filters. He is also the founder of Drinking Waters South Africa

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