At Drinking Waters Fountains, we pride ourselves on providing customers with quality hydration solutions and exceptional service delivery. We are South Africa’s leading water cooler and drinking water fountain specialists.

To ensure that your long-term hydration needs are effectively taken care of, we offer a wide range of drinking water fountains that are suitable for a number of environments.

These water dispensers are a great way to provide refreshing and clean drinking water. They are popular in high traffic areas occupied by large amounts of people and are commonly used in leisure industries, public and health sectors.

Both outdoor and indoor drinking water fountains have various advantages over traditional water coolers. We have summarised 5 leading benefits of investing in a drinking water fountain.invest-in-drinking-water-fountain

5 Benefits of Drinking Water Fountains

1. Steady and stylish

The water fountain is able to handle harsh, high demanding environments without suffering extensive wear and tear.

2. Low maintenance

Water fountains provide constant drinking water as they are connected to the mains water supply. They rarely need to undergo rigorous maintenance and are robust workhorses.

3. Efficient and easily accessible

Easy to use and guaranteed to provide refreshing drinking water time after time.

4. Cost effective

Using plumbing system requires less maintenance. You won’t need to worry about the expense of electricity or refilling empty water cooler bottles.

5. Environmentally friendly

The materials used for the water fountain are not harmful to the environment.

Drinking Water Fountains are suppliers of all the major brands of fountains across the world. Our extensive range responds to the growing demand for drinking fountains in a wide range of educational and recreational environments.

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