With massive amounts of plastic being used every day with recycling not up to the demand, drinking water fountains may be what is needed in SA to reduce plastic waste

The numbers are precise, South Africans use a lot of plastic. The World-Wide Fund for Nature says that we use between 30-50kg of plastic per person per year. South Africans use less than the average 136kg and 139kg per person per year in the US and Europe, respectively.

Unfortunately, most of this ends up in our rivers and oceans. We think there may be a way to deliver water, and reducing plastic waste: drinking fountains. Drinking fountains are not new and have been around for a long time. And in this post, we give you an idea of how drinking fountains can benefit everyday South Africans.

Reducing plastic waste:

The production of plastic water bottles requires more than 500 times more than one litre of tap water.

If each south African carried a reusable bottle in the same way that we have our reusable shopping bags, we could prevent the production of millions of plastic bottles and reduce C02 emissions.

The future is now

New advances in the design of drinking water fountains have made them resilient to adverse weather conditions and are tamper-proof, ensuring the flow of water for a long time to come.

Access to clean water has benefits for your health

Some people have lost trust in tap water, but it is essential to know that South Africa has very stringent quality standards for water. And tap water can undergo 500 000 water quality checks a year.

Drinking water fountains then, provide world-class tap water that contains naturally occurring minerals, including calcium and magnesium. Water is essential for good health.

Free, world-class water

Why spend R10 on a bottle of water when you can get it for free? With a drinking water fountain, we can all drink quality, clean and safe water for free without wasting money.

The choice between buying water and refilling whenever we feel like it seems like a no-brainer.