Plumbed-in Bottleless Water Coolers

A bottleless or plumbed in water cooler is a wise option for high traffic areas

When you have the luxury of planning for new office installations a plumbed in cooler is the best option for where you have the ability to plan for the plumbing of the building. you can use a combination of plumbed-in coolers and bottled coolers across your office, school, or home to get the best fit solution.

Some just dispense the water but there are also a range of affordable coolers from brands like Primo | Clover | Oasis and EcoloBlue that also chill and filter the water so you receive cool, fresh water, glass after glass. With no bottles there is no need to wait on delivery men and you have a fixed price.

We recommend 3 monthly servicing for all coolers to keep your water tasting fresh and so that they are at their optimum performance and sanitary levels. Please see our sister company Р Рfor further information on our bottleless water cooler range available  in South Africa.

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