bottled water vs drinking water fountains

Water is a daily necessity needed by anything that lives and breathes on this earth. This has been the case for many centuries. Time and knowledge has seen methods of getting the best out of our water evolve and improve.

The history of drinking water fountains dates back to the time of the ancient Greek cities, where fountains were a common sight and a public necessity. Spring-fed public water fountains were typically placed in or near temples and were dedicated to gods, goddesses, nymphs and heroes. But as populations grew and cities expanded, demand for public water systems and new water treatment and delivery technologies led to increased use of public water fountains.

As modern municipal water systems developed in the United States and other countries, public water fountains became a fixture of the urban landscape. In the past few decades, however they have been disappearing from public spaces for a number of reasons, including the advent of commercial bottled water and concern over the health risks of fountains.

Water bottles have become a common sight in our communities but question stands, what impact do they have on the environment? Yes, drinking water is healthy but disposable water bottles contain chemicals that have been linked to reproductive issues, asthma and dizziness.

Since identifying the major risks of producing single use water bottles, drinking water fountains have come back by popular demand. Reducing our reliance on bottled water will ensure less plastic waste polluting our environment as well as reducing CO2 emissions resulting from its production and transportation. 

Having access to a drinking fountain is both beneficial to your well being, the environment and to your pocket. Highly suitable but not limited to public parks and amenities, gyms, schools, beaches and sporting facilities. Drinking fountains can be installed in both indoor and outdoor environments with Drinking Water Fountains offering a wide range of versatile options to suit your application,

If you want to do right by the planet, then purchasing a drinking water fountain might be the best thing for you and the environment. Contact Drinking Water Fountains on 021 813 6631 or alternatively send an email at and we will find you the right drinking water fountain suitable for your home.