Cosmetal Fountains

cosmetal-river-25Founded in 1963, Cosmetal has adapted its activities over time in order to answer to emerging markets and has managed to become the international leader in the manufacture of bottled/bottleless water coolers and drinking water fountains.


The River range of fountains offers great sturdiness and high performance. The direct cooling system guarantees maximum hygiene for factories, workshops, communities and public places.

The River attaches to the mains water supply to provide consistently high-quality drinking water over prolonged periods, with only minimal maintenance. As with many drinking fountains it also need to be plumbed to the waste water – which negates the need to empty drip trays which is a common flaw in the majority of bottleless water coolers.

The reliability of the Elkay river fountain range makes them ideal for use in factories, workshops, public spaces, train stations, naval ports and airports.


cosmetal-river-upFeatures all the benefits of the River, but with the added advantage of being wall-mountable. Both the River 25 and the River 50 are available.

For more details on purchase and rental options for the river wall mounted fountains please contact us.