Elkay Water fountains

Drinking water fountains supplied and distributed by Elkay are some of the most superior water dispensers available on the market. The USA based company manufactures water fountains to withstand the toughest environments. Elkay is also one of the oldest established drinking water fountain manufacturers in the world.

Since 1920, Elkay has been manufacturing state-of-the-art products that make a positive impact all over the world.
Included in the products manufactured by the company are world-class Drinking Water Fountains. The quality of Elkay
Drinking Water Fountains is evident in their innovative design, material compliance and build-quality. Drinking Water Fountains
is proud to offer products of this superior quality.

Elkay Wall Mounted Drinking Fountains

In South Africa, Elkay wall-mounted drinking fountains and bottle-filling stations are primarily found in leading gyms across the country.
The units are typically installed with a bubbler valve and a bottle-filler, and the cooling capacity is approximately 30 litres per hour.
It’s always important to bear in mind that cooling capacities are dependent on the ambient air and incoming water temperature and how the water is drawn from the machine i.e not a continuous draw.

Important features of the machines include a design that makes them usable by people with disabilities.

We offer nationwide installation, so if this product is potentially suited to your gym, workplace or school, please make use of the contact form or call us on 021 813 6631.