One of the more common maintenance tasks for a drinking fountain is to check &/or replace the bubbler cartridge that helps regulate the water pressure.

Drinking Fountain Bubbler CartridgeChanging a drinking fountain bubbler cartridge is a fairly straight forward process. It is the part of a drinking water fountain that needs to be regularly (annually or bi-annually) and we can sell you the spare part and assist you with how to replace it

Inside the bubbler is a solenoid type cartridge which can be replaced if the bubbler stops working due to frost damage or contamination.

Once the bubbler cartridge has been isolated installation is simply a matter of removing the large nut and brass ring on the bubbler and then swapping the faulty cartridge. The brass ring has two holes in which the specially designed bubbler spanner fits to unlock.

At we stock quality replacement cartridges and also the spanner required to replace it. Check out our spare parts section on our main website – Drinking Waters.