A drinking water fountain provides sustainable and an environmentally friendly hydration solution. Having a drinking water fountain available to public and private areas is an efficient way to get people to drink more water and reduce the use of single use plastics.

At Drinking Water Fountains we supply a ranfge of reliable and quality outdoor and indoor drinking water fountains for your specific needs. However, before you browse our drinking water fountain range keep the following questions in mind and you are sure to find the best drinking fountain for you:

Will the drinking fountain be placed in a high or low traffic area?

If the environment is prone to high traffic, the amount of water per hour the drinking fountain can keep chilled becomes a key factor to consider. You will need a fountain that produces minimum of 30 litres of water per hour. It is also important to consider a vandal-resistant drinking fountain as vandalism is a high possibility in open public areas.

Will the fountain be located inside or outside?

If you need a fountain for the outdoors, the fountain needs to be able to withstand external elements such as extreme weather conditions. Thus, look for fountains that have these weather resistant features, namely corrosion prevention and freeze-resistant capabilities.

Will the drinking fountain be refrigerated or non-refrigerated?

If you want access to chilled drinking water then you should opt for a refrigerated drinking fountain due to its cooling system. These fountains require a power source. If you opt for non-refrigerated drinking fountain, the fountain will dispense room temperature water.

Will the fountain be floor mounted or wall mounted?

This decision depends on the available plumbing system. The plumbing lines of the environment should be checked and matched to the drinking fountains specification sheets.

Which brand is the best?

At Drinking Water Fountains we stock a range of leading water fountain brands, varying in style, price and functionality. Our brands consist of Elkay, Aqua Acorn, Halsey Taylor, Oasis and Cosmetal Water Coolers

Now that you have read and answered these questions you are equipped to browse our fountain range and make the best decision for your environment. If you have any additional questions, don’t be hesitant to email us on contact@drinkingwaterfountains.co.za