There is a worrying challenge that faces the water sector worldwide. One of these challenges are providing everyone with drinking and sanitation water is the increasing demand on water sources, and the degradation of available water sources and ecosystems due to climate change, pollution, and other threats.   

The Fight Against Water Scarcity In Africa  

Countries like Zimbabwe In Africa currently faces a severe water shortage, and concerns are escalating as the dams supplying Harare have drastically dropped during the current pandemic. Recurring droughts and failure to import water chemicals have resulted in some parts of Harare without tap water.  

In 2018, major cities in South Africa experienced a water crisis that changed and increased the restrictions on water usage and saw the first series of steps towards water security as a country. 2 Years later, experts claim South Africa is still in a water crisis and may run out of the natural resource by as early as 2030 if not enough effort is put into conserving water. Johannesburg citizens will have to change their water consumption habits and behavior, to maintain and secure water as the main dams that supply Johannesburg, are collectively at 20.9% of their full capacity,  

The Sustainable Development Goal – Goal 6 

The united nations announced The sustainable Development Goal to tackle the ongoing water management and scarcity crisis. Goal 6 aims to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable water and increasing water-use efficiency across all sectors to address water scarcity. 

The global goal of making water and sanitation accessible for everyone worldwide and effectively managing the problem of water scarcity requires key inputs from engineers, hydrologists, climate scientists, and social scientists to understand and minimize the negative consequences. However, experts claim that this goal is far off track and is unlikely to meet the 2030 deadline. 

Worldwide water management practices are struggling and cities are being threatened with water insecurity. We need to manage water in a way that meets social, economic, and environmental needs both now and in the future.