Our wall mounted fountain range has two products which we see as especially suited to school environments. They are cost-effective, relatively easy to install and can be positioned at any height – giving access to drinking water to young children as well as more mature students on say a college campus.

Our full range of wall mounted external fountains is listed on this summary page but this post has been written to explain in more depth how these fountains can be installed in external environments. On the summary page there is also detailed product information in a downloadable PDF format.

The quality of the grade of stainless steel is very high and built for external use – although it can suit perfectly for internal usage. The stainless steel itself is 1.7mm thick – which is a very high width and means that this product is rock solid.

Product PDF Instructions
Considerations for installation

1) Proximity to waste water – the pipework for waste water is hidden more in the fountain with the shroud as shown in the photo below.

2) Water Filters – We strongly recommend the installation of one of our water filters when installing a fountain like this. This is normally installed on the other side of the wall from the fountain – and is changed on a six monthly basis. It is a 0.5 micron filter

3) Height – these fountains can be installed at different heights for different parts of a school where there are children of different ages.

4) Water – often these fountains are installed where there were previously water taps and therefore bringing water the fountain is not difficult

5) Maintenance – It is important to change the filters six monthly but this is a simple process for maintenance staff when they receive the replacement filter in the post. For more regular maintenance we recommend simply washing down the outside of the fountain. There are small button parts on the bubbler that may be need to replaced if someone aggressively misuses the fountain – we stock all these spare parts.