Water is essential for the proper circulation of nutrients in the body.

We are all aware that drinking more water during the summer months is extremely important. But, did you know that drinking sufficient quantity of water during winter is almost equally essential?

Staying hydrated is essential for winter wellness, even if we don’t feel the need to drink as much water as we do in summer. A refreshing glass of water is not always our first choice of drink in the cold winter days. As temperatures drop in winter, we often reach for something warm, like tea or coffee. However, this intuitive choice is not always the right decision to make. Signs of dehydration are seen during the winter season in a form of dry skin and chapped lips.

Body dehydration inhibits the proper functioning of the immune system and thus we become more inclined to contracting colds and flu. Therefore, you need to drink enough water to stay healthy in these cold periods. Whether you are at school, home or at work, it is still important to make sure you are drink around 8 glasses of water a day. While this is not an exact science, it will ensure that you are consuming close to enough for your body, just remember that fi you are performing any strenuous physical activity, you should up the amount of water you drink throughout the day.

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