Drinking plenty of cold, clear water is essential for your health and, in fact, for your very survival. You can live much longer without food than you can without water.

But what is the importance of drinking water? Why should I drinking 8 glasses a day? What is all the fuss about? Well, we break it down for you right here:

Helps create saliva

Water is a main component of saliva. Saliva also includes small amounts of electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes. It’s essential for breaking down solid food and keeping your mouth healthy.

Helps regulate body temperature

Staying hydrated is crucial to maintaining your body temperature. Your body loses water through sweat during physical activity and in hot environments.

Improves physical performance

Drinking plenty of water during physical activity is essential. Athletes may perspire up to 5 time more during physical activity which makes it particularly important for professionals.

Hydration also affects your strength, power, and endurance.

Aids in digestion

drinking water before, during, and after a meal will help your body break down the food you eat more easily. This will help you digest food more effectively and get the most out of your meals.

There are many more reasons as to why we need to be consuming more water. As part of your daily routine, try consuming 1-2 glasses per meal. If you eat 4 small meals a day, that will provide your body with much needed nutrients and 8 glasses of water. 

Stay healthy, stay hydrated.