Our classic range of floor standing water fountains are the most common type of indoor drinking fountain and are typically found in gyms, factories, schools, and other public places where a convenient means of dispensing fresh, chilled, drinking water is required.

All our water fountains share these common traits – they are robust and will last


  • They are connected to a potable mains water supply (a water filter may or may not be required).
  • They are connected to a drain service to enable excess water to run away to drain.
  • They are usually supplied with either a bubbler or a bubbler and a glass filler. A bubbler is a valve from which the chilled drinking water arcs out of the fountain for direct drinking.

When considering a floor standing drinking fountain/s for your facility it is important to look at the following:

  • As with everything in life, you get what you pay for! Beware of cheap, poor-quality products from the East. Inferior, paper-thin stainless steel with sharp edges, inferior components and taps and poor design and finishing are what you will get if you buy cheap.Don’t expect the product to last! This is why at Drinking Water Fountains we work directly with manufacturers like Oasis and Crystal Mountain. These are leading companies who supply water fountains all over the world. Their factories have high-quality standards and they manufacture products to approved international standards.
  • There is a common misconception that floor standing water fountains will provide an UNLIMITED amount of CHILLED drinking water. This is not the case. The leading manufacturers all test their equipment and provide an indication of the amount of chilled water the fountain is able to produce in an hour. What is important to understand is that this number refers to ‘occasional demand’ performance i.e if the fountain is used from time to time over the course of an hour it will produce the stated amount of chilled water.’Continuous draw’ refers to the amount of chilled water the fountain will produce if it is used continually in a short period of time. This number is usually not provided, but will be less than the advertised cooling capacity. Please check with our sales staff as to the most appropriate fountain for your requirements.