The importance of drinking water fountains for schools and education facilities has become a focal point over the past few years. Providing students with easy access to clean drinking water is increasingly seen as important as providing good quality food during the day.

Educational facilities within the Africa have a very low base of drinking water facilities in place for both students are teachers. Drinking Water Fountains has been working over the last seven years to establish a range of fountains and coolers that are ideally suited to the demanding needs of the educational sector. From mini fountains through to vandal proof taps, we have solutions that will provide schools with a simple way to provide all with safe, clean drinking water.

Some facts about water provision in schools and educational facilities.

  • A fifth of school children drink no water during a day at school
  • 10% schools have no separate drinking facilities
  • Water fountains or taps are mostly situated in toilets and not near to children when they most need water
  • 10 year olds need 1.75 litres of water per day to maintain stability and not become dehydrated.
  • Low fluid intake causes headaches, poor concentration, constipation, tiredness

Drinking Water Fountains has installed fountains and bottleless water coolers in schools and eductional facilities.  For more details on our range of education specific products and services please call or email us.