Murdock Fountains

Original Murdock External Drinking Water Fountain

Murdock has manufactured traditional drinking water fountains since 1853. Their wide range falls more within traditional designs that are quite popular in public areas such as parks and city squares. A select part of our range is perfectly suited for leisure as well as health facilities.

The classic style water drinking fountain is still available and has been produced for over 100 years. A number of early designs are still in everyday use which is definitely a testament to their quality and popularity. These classic style models can be used all year round and are equipped to even handle frost.

Original  Murdock Fountain Range

Murdock-SuperSecur has been the leading supplier in classic outdoor drinking water fountains for a number of environments since 1853. The majority of our traditional drinking water fountains are manufactured from brass and cast iron which ensures long-term use in many environments for over a century.

SafeWater Murdock Fountain Range

In an initiative to protect the public and portable water supply, Murdock-Super Secur has devised SafeWater products which guarantee a supply of clean drinking water. Their patented Sanitary Drinking Fountain / Hydrant Mechanism has been designed with a piston and cylinder system that functions with the water supplies pressure.

Upon turning the fountain on, fresh water is distributed to the bubbler. Simultaneously, the water supply pressure delivers the stored water from the previous cycle to be poured through an air duct and down the fountain bowls drainage system.

If the fountain is turned off, the spring above the piston mechanism moves the piston down ensuring that the remaining water in the bubbler line drains back into the water storage container. This initiates a new cycle where the drinking water stream does not deviate during the topping up or during the drainage of the cylinder.

No jet pump or venturi is used ensuring that the water waste is minimal – about one cup per cycle.

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