We recently helped a client who was in need of all the parts for a drinking water fountain so that they could have a stonemason craft their own casing for the parts, making a unique fountain.

The Perranporth Golf Club came to us after one of the clubs long standing members had sadly passed away.  After having spent so much time at the club the family wanted to donate something special to the club in his memory.  They agreed on having a custom made fountain installed in the grounds of the club, and to have the fountain made by a local monumental mason.  The results are impressive, not only does the fountain look fantastic but as you can see in the photo the placing of the fountain gives a fantastic view of the course and the surrounding landscape.  The work was done by local monumental mason R Pascoe & Sons, click on the link to view some of their other works.

This is a great example of how drinking water fountains can be used and designed in a way which goes further than simply providing water for it’s users, and can be a touching monument.