We all know that drinking water is essential for cells and organs of the body to function properly.

When you are out in the park on a hot summer’s day, a public drinking water fountain can be an oasis – a place where you and the kids can get re-hydrated without spending out several bucks for drinks at the concession stand.

The same public water fountains that people need for hydration have become a hot-button topic in our germ-obsessed culture. Are they safe for our loved ones to drink from? Or are they covered in diseases and bacteria that can harm people? Is bottled water the answer? That time old people had never heard a peep about bacteria in their water fountains, but now we all seem to be afraid of them.

Whether or not the water you are getting from your home or from outdoor water fountains is as clean as it’s supposed to be is another question that’s been debated for quite some time now.

Drinking water fountains are not cleaned on a regular basis and this is often overlooked as they have more microorganisms. So, people may argue and say the fountains are nasty, but that does mean the water is infected, too? Not necessarily, your water fountains can still provide you with the cleanest, purest drinking water even though you don’t clean it often.

Our drinking fountains can handle harsh conditions and are suitable for sports facilities, parks and any public spaces in South Africa. We can also customize the height of our water dispensers for children. If you require further information, please contact us on 021 813 6631, alternatively send us an email to sales@drinkingwaters.co.za  and we will find you the right fountain for you.